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Jiří Michalička - Česká Národní Banka, a.s. 

I have had the opportunity to use their services several times and can confirm it is first class. Only the best is good enough and the same applies to the speed, quality and reliability of the service. I recommend to give them a try. I believe you will not be disappointed, in fact, pleasantly surprised.

Veronika Budková

The laundry is always beautifully ironed, fragrant and delivered on time. Thank you so much for your professional service.

Ing. Jana Navrátilová - ŘLP ČR, s.p.

My seven-year experience with carre concierge has been perfect. From cleaning suits or ironing, to repairing luxury footwear. I always rest assured that they won't just do what I tell them, but they will do what they see is needed. I think if I asked them for the olour of the sky, they could get it to me the next day.

Rudolf Práger, General Manager INVA Building Materials s.r.o.

It is nice to have someone with confidence look after the little everyday worries. Someone who uses their knowledge to provide the best service for me. I appreciate the incredible time flexibility, personal attitude, friendliness and very professional behaviour.

Šárka Karnetová, Praha 1

I think I have the most demanding partner when it come to clothes. Ever since you've taken care of our clothes (mainly the partner's shirts), it is quiet at home :-). I accidentally put a cashmere dress in my washing machine, and after washing it went from S to XXS. I ran all over Prague looking for help, everyone shaking their heads, unable to help. And who saved me? Luxury Dry Cleaning!

Val Russell

I would like to say big THANK YOU to Luxury Dry cleaning and especially to Helena. You did amazing job with my dress which was quite complicated. I have previously contacted lots of dry cleaning services and they told me they were not able to clean it. You took this challenge and delivered great results! I would recommend your services to anyone who would like to see spotless results and great customer care!!! Cheers.

Karolína Kratochvílová - Institut OLRANE PARIS 

I have regularly used Carre Concierge for some time - including their Luxury Dry Cleaning service. It saves me a great deal of time and, moreover, I can rest assured that everything will be delivered to my (exacting) requirements.

Sandra Marková - Sandra Mark Fashion Designer

Thank you for the always beautifully cleaned and ironed clothes.

Hana Zouvalová - La Gallery Novesta

Carre concierge's Luxury Dry Cleaning Service has become indispensable for us over the past two years. Not only for laundry cleaning, but also styling and personal shopping. They combine professionalism with a kind and welcoming approach to all their clients. I like the concept of a personal service for the client's wardrobe. We really value their service.

Anood M. - BOHO Hotel Prague

Hello Helena, everything is just perfect and the service is amazing! Thank you for everything.  

Vikki Tintorini

Hi Helena, I just wanted to write to say thank you again for everything. All the times I needed help fast you were there!
I am super happy with my top that was repaired, it's perfekt!
I'm so sad to leave here, I can't even begin to tell you heavy sad feeling I have in my heart. I've loved living in Prague, it's been an amazing experience.

I wish you all the very best for your future. Take care. Vx

Jana Mojžíšová - Zentiva Group, a.s. 

We have been overly satisfied clients for several years now. The upmost professionalism, willingness to deal with special requirements, personal agreement on receipt / pick-up of the order according to our time preferences, all a matter of course for LDC. I don't feel like a client, but rather a part of the family. Thank you very much.

Klára Bergerová - Dimar CZ s.r.o.

Absolute satisfaction! Quality, speed and a personal approach. What more could you ask for?

Vendula Naskosová - assistant manager, Cushman and Wakefield

The company was recommended to us - and the recommendation has surpassed all our expectations. Above all, their approach to dealing with unexpected situations and ability to adapt to change, is invaluable. It is a joy to give a reference to such a service.

Family Dudych - DBD Group s.r.o.

Our wishes are never a problem for Carre Concierge. They always find a solution, without delay and are always able to adapt to the needs of our family. We recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent and professional service.


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