Cleaning of business wear

A perfect business suit should know nothing but a perfect service.

Jackets, trousers, waistcoats, women's outfits.

You have a stain on your suit, but with no idea of how it got there. A memory of yesterday's dinner or red wine,
but an unwelcome addition at your next appointment. What now?

We'll clean the suit gently - and once we're done, there'll be no sign of the stain.

Likewise, if you want to freshen up a suit that's been sitting in the wardrobe unworn for a while,
we can give it the attention it needs.

  • Special cleaning of stains from sauces, wine, coffee, etc.

  • Delicate washing of designer suits and women's outfits 

  • Quick local cleaning of dirt on a suit

  • We do not use chlorine or bleach based products

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